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Game Keyboard APK is astunning keyboard which is developed specially for playing games. It offers toplay gamepad-only games with the touchscreen. It allows you to play keypad-onlygames with a mouse, keyboard, and a touchscreen. It delivers the maximum powerand freedom to play games as you want. It offers you to change your way ofplaying the game.

Game Keyboard APK

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            Game Keyboard is compatible with a number of application and games. All the devices may not support this keyboard so, testing the controls is recommended during the trial. With this application you can play various touchscreen games with a keyboard and also you can enter cheat codes in different games. With the help of on-screen buttons, you can change the layout, size, and look of the buttons which suit your style of playing.

            Game Keyboard allows you to control a massive number of games in a unique way. It offers to control different games with a touchscreen, BluezIME Bluetooth controller, Bluetooth keyboards, a mouse, Xperia play in gingerbread, virtual controllers produce by 3rd party tools and an accelerometer. Some of the controls need a device to be rooted.


            Game Keyboard allows you to play games freely as you want and comes with various useful features for playing games any way you want. Some of its admirable features are listed below:

  • Allow using it with devices which even have not a touchscreen.
  • Save key.
  • QWERTY keyboard of full size.
  • Re-map physical keys.
  • A mouse.
  • On-screen keyboard with the multi-touch and more than 12 game buttons.
  • Two analog sticks and customizable button layout.
  • Capable to control analog sticks with keys.
  • A standalone application which does not need the soft keyboard.

Game Keyboard was developed for use with emulators only, but with the improved versions, now it can support multiple applications and games. So, what are you waiting for? Just download the Game Keyboard and enjoy the new way of playing different games. To download Game Keyboard apk file for free, please click the download button below.

Download Game Keyboard.apk